Meet military spouse Hannah Squire.

She rocks the rowing machine, runs with kettle bells and even pushes a sled stacked with weights. 

Get this - she's six months pregnant and competing in a functional fitness challenge on Fort Drum,

She has the approval of her doctor, of course.

"A lot of them are just kind of in awe that I can keep doing it, but I say you know if you're doing it, this stuff, before you're pregnant, and you keep up with it, it's not a big change," said Hannah.

She stuck out among 31 competitors, including soldiers, spouses and defense contractors.

"I think that was amazing.  I think it's awesome that she's even here doing it and I got a lot of respect for her," said fellow competitor Leo Rogers.

Hannah attributes her success to the group of women she works out with.

They're all military spouses and all athletes in their own right. 

They work out together every morning and help pull each other through the tough times.

"We come together as wives and spouses and just have the time to interact and build relationships and to able to encourage each other as we're going through tough times with deployments," said Hannah.

At the end of the competition, Hannah beat many of the men and came in 4th among the women - not bad for someone due to have a baby in three months.

"I'm pretty happy with where I'm at and what I have been able to do and I hope to keep it up," she said.

Hannah says she plans to keep at it as long as she can.