The push is on to make sure Fort Drum keeps all of its soldiers or -- even better -- gains more.

A recent Army assessment says the north country soldier population is up in the air.

The best case scenario is Fort Drum could gain up to 3,000 soldiers.

In the worst case, the Army post could lose as many as 8,000.

The Fort Drum Regional Liaison Organization -- commonly known as FDRLO -- is putting together a response to the Army that highlights the north country's partnership with Fort Drum.

The response will also outline what the north country stands to lose if Fort Drum loses soldiers.

"We have to be conscious of the fact that if there is a decision made that would negatively affect us, then it would be a very serious impact," said the FDRLO's Beth Fipps.

"When we look at our rural community," she said, "we do really rely on Fort Drum and its impact to our community."

FDRLO is expected to send its response to the Army on Friday.