As Washington dithers, Joe Huebner of Turin is one of millions of military veterans held hostage. 

He's 100 percent disabled after a Navy ship collision in 1968.

He and his family are 100 percent dependent on his monthly check from Washington.

"You got mortgage payments due, you got electric bill, food you have to buy to feed 'em, you don't know where the money's going to come from to do this," he said.

Huebner's next disability check is due November 1 and his monthly mortgage payment is due the next day. 

With the government shutdown now in week three, the government is warning the money may not be sent.

"It almost seems like nobody really cares, like we've become red sheep and blue sheep on a map," said Huebner.

We told north country Congressman Bill Owens about Huebner's plight.

"This would be an unbelievably tragic example of a very bad outcome for someone who bears none of the blame in this process," said Owens (D. - 21st District).

Huebner has seen plenty of government crises, but nothing that cuts off military veterans.

"I love this country but this isn't the country I remember having," he said.

One that inflicts more pain on top of the the physical pain he lives with daily.