Jobs are job number one at the Jefferson County Industrial Development Agency.

But some of them are beyond its control.

"We work very, very hard to capture ten or 12 or 15 jobs on some smaller projects we're working on and then one of these comes along," said Don Alexander of the JCIDA.

What has come along is DynCorp International's plan to lay off a majority of workers at Fort Drum who rebuild helicopters after they return from war. 

A website that lists salary levels says jobs like this may pay $60,000 a year or more.

If that's the case, it might add up to an annual payroll hit of about $9 million.

For perspective, remember how awful it was when Northland Motors closed in Watertown a couple of years ago?

Well this latest layoff involves more workers at much higher pay."

And just because Fort Drum has a lot of jobs doesn't lessen the pain a bit.

"A little hard to separate it out there, but still it's significant," said Alexander.

At the job placement center, the director spoke with DynCorp officials.

"Trying to replace jobs that pay as well as these is going to be a concern," said Cheryl Mayforth, director of The WorkPlace. "We will be meeting with these people and talking about services we can offer in the next probably five to ten days."

The layoffs may start at the end of March.

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