If Fort Drum loses as many as 8,000 soldiers over the next several years, the north country's economy, real estate values, schools and hospitals would take a beating.

That's according to a report from the Fort Drum Regional Liaison Organization.

The Army is thinking about reducing the number of active duty soldiers from 562,000 to 490,000 by 2020.

Fort Drum could lose as many as 8,000 troops by 2020 under the worst-case scenario.

The report from the FDRLO says, "A loss of up to 8,000 jobs will have long term impacts on the socio and economic viability of the north country."

The document also says there would be a significant decline in population which would result in:

- increased vacancy in rental housing units
- declining rents
- decreased real estate values
- empty classrooms
- reduced number of school teachers and staff
- under-utilized medical facilities
- excess hospital beds
- inability to offer superior medical services

According to the report, the loss of 8,000 soldiers would "create an environment of doubt among the development community and financers, that the north country will poss too many risks for future development."

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