If the military locates a missile defense site at Fort Drum, it could eventually house up to 60 missiles.

According to a notice published by the Department of Defense Wednesday, a new missile defense site "would consist of an initial deployment of 20 Ground-based Interceptors (GBIs) with the ability to expand upward to 60 GBIs."

Fort Drum is one of four east coast sites being considered for a missile defense site. The others are in Michigan, Ohio and Maine.

A public hearing on the potential missile defense site at Fort Drum will be held in Carthage later this summer.

There are already two missile defense sites on the west coast, but their value is questionable; last month, the Los Angeles Times reported the missile defense program can't be relied on, even under tightly controlled tests. (Although there has been a successful test since the paper published its story.)

Drum reportedly is getting a missile defense data terminal complex, and as such is believed by some to have an edge in getting the missiles.