Former members of the 10th Mountain Division will attend the second inauguration of President Barack Obama Monday in Washington, D.C.

One of them is Capt. Jake Murphy, who is recovering at Walter Reed Army Medical Center from injuries he received in Afghanistan.

Murphy was interviewed live by phone on 7 News This Morning. Click on the picture for the full interview.

He says he's been called on to attend other official events while in Washington and is starting to get used to it.

But, he said, "anyone who gets to go to any event like this, it's pretty impressive."

It's hard, he said, for anyone to not "be in awe of the people, the ceremony and just the entire setup from start to finish."

One of the things he's looking forward to, he says, is the reaction of the American people.

"I'm looking at just to see how much pride Americans have in their country and their commander in chief and the way everyone will come together in the Capitol today," he said.