Some former 10th Mountain Division soldiers from Fort Drum had an up-close and personal view of President Obama's Inauguration on Monday.

"I could make out different Senators and Congressmen and the First Lady and their children.  So it was really impressive being so close," said Captain Jake Murphy.

Four former 10th Mountain Division soldiers who are recovering from combat injuries were invited to the inauguration. 

Captain Murphy attended with his fiancee. 

He said he was impressed by the patriotic feeling in the air.

"When I was walking in from the bus to the seats, people would stop and say thank you for what you did and it just made me feel like what I've done is appreciated by other people," said Murphy.

The soldiers we spoke with say they were inspired by the president's speech and being eye witnesses to history is something they'll never forget.

"This was a day to remember, that I'll be able, when I have kids myself, be able to share with my kids," said Specialist Jacob Owens.

"It made me feel good about myself and the people around me and the country as a whole," said Murphy.

The day didn't end for the soldiers when the inauguration was over. 

Some of them were also invited to attend the Commander In Chief's Ball at the Washington Convention Center Monday night.