New pews, new speakers and a new sense of hope.

"It's important to the whole Fort Drum community for the soldiers and families to have this wonderful state-of-the-art facility for worship, for religious education," said Major Stan Smith.

Besides a few final touches, the $7.7 million renovations to Fort Drum's main post chapel are complete.

On the inside, it's state-of-the-art.

Fort Drum Garrison Commander Colonel Gary Rosenberg is happy to have a fresh place on post for soldiers and community members to pray.

"Our soldiers, our family members, our civilians alike have felt this burden of war. This chapel represents our committment," he said.

More space - that's the big change.

The sanctuary is now able to hold over 600 people. 

Brigadier General Charles Bailey, U.S. Army Deputy Chief of Chaplains, says the chapel is a place of worship and much more.

"A center for hope that they can come to any time they wish to find those dark moments in their lives and find light," he said.

Chaplain Bailey says even for those who don't step foot in the chapel, it's still a symbol to those who are on Fort Drum.

"A place you can go to if you wish, but you don't have to. You can just look at it and know what it stands for and sometimes that's the inspiration you need."

A new symbol of hope on post.