Sen. Charles Schumer says Fort Drum and the 10th Mountain Division are well situated in the face of possible cuts by the military.

The Army recently presented a worst-case scenario of what the impact would be if Fort Drum lost 16,000 soldiers and civilians.

Schumer said because the 10th is a light infantry division, it's been used "in just about every part of the globe where we had conflagration."

When "you look at what Fort Drum does," he said, "it's far better equipped for 21st century warfare than others."

That need, he said, will continue.

"So, first, I will do everything to keep Fort Drum at full strength and second, I'm confident that if the competition is done on a fair basis, that Fort Drum will fare very, very well because of the nature of the fighting force there."

There's a 60-day window, where the Army wants the community to send in opinions on the possible cuts.

The Fort Drum Regional Liaison Organization is leading the efforts, getting local people to sign petitions opposing any cuts.