Fort Drum Garrison Commander Gary Rosenberg says a police investigation at Rhicard Hills Community Center Monday morning should not be cause for concern.

He said in a Facebook post that an allegation of a crime was investigated, all parties were identified and there is no threat to the health or safety of the community.

He offered no other details and the Public Affairs Office referred questions to the Criminal Investigation division which did not return our phone call.

The following is Rosenberg's post:

Fort Drum community members,

Monday morning you may have noticed some police tape and the tell tale signs of a police investigation being conducted at the Rhicard Hills community center here on post. Since then speculation has been rampant on the cause.

First, and most importantly, let me assure you, if there was any danger or threat to your safety IT WOULD BE MY NUMBER ONE PRIORITY TO ALERT YOU ALL. THERE IS NO CAUSE FOR PUBLIC SAFETY CONCERN AS A RESULT OF MONDAY MORNING'S INVESTIGATION.

While I cannot, and will not, address any details of the situation specifically I can say the following; there was an allegation of a crime, our police investigated the allegation, they were able to identify all of the parties involved and have determined that THERE IS NO THREAT TO THE HEALTH OR SAFETY OF THE COMMUNITY.

Anybody who has spent any time in the Army has a healthy distrust of rumors, and for good reason. I ask that you exercise extreme caution in speculating publicly based on what you've "heard" from even the "most reliable sources" because folks - there isn't a more reliable source on police investigations on this post than me, and I'm here to tell, you have no reason to worry.

Colonel Gary Rosenberg
Fort Drum Garrison Commander