Peter Whitmore is the co-owner of four Jreck Subs in Watertown.

He says any cuts to the military would hurt business but, cutting 16,000 soldier and civilian workers would be devastating.

The Army is studying what would happen if those cuts were made due to sequestration.

Whitmore is just one of nearly 9,000 people who signed the Fort Drum Regional Liaison Organization's, or FDRLO's, petition.

Now the signatures and letters collected will be sent to Texas.

FDRLO executive director Carl McLaughlin says a 50-page document opposing further cuts was also sent to Texas, but it was also sent to Washington.

Mclaughlin says he hopes the message gets across to military leaders.

He says the community has invested much of its resources because of Fort Drum.

If you did not get to sign the petition, there is still time.

You can sign an online petition that will be presented during a listening session likely to be next March.