According to Brandon Hinnman, all he and his wife, Jenna, wanted was a child,

"We'd been trying for a while," he said.

Finally, Jenna became pregnant with twins. 

But on March 3, Jenna went into labor prematurely and everything went south.

Jenna was having trouble breathing and an emergency C-section was performed at Samaritan Medical Center in Watertown.

But Jenna still couldn't breathe and doctors tried everything to get her the air she needed.

"When we walk in a room and see that someone has had to care for a patient that way, we know where we are. We really have nothing left," Brandon told WSTM-TV in Syracuse.

Three days after giving birth, Jenna was put into a medically induced coma at Crouse Hospital in Syracuse before ever being able to hold her twin girls.

Jenna was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer related to pregnancy, a disease caused by the thing both of them had wanted so badly. 

It's called choriocarcinoma, and it causes lesions and tumors and no one saw it coming. 

"A lot of this was thought to be secondary to a cold and due to the shortness of breath that usually happens with pregnancy," said Dr. David Landsberg, chief of medicine at Crouse Hospital.

Jenna is receiving heavy doses of chemotherapy and is being supported by a machine that drains blood from her system and then pumps it back in.

Her twins, Kinleigh and Azlynn, are both in good health, but still at the hospital. 

The family has set up "The Hinnman Fund" at

You can go there to donate to help Jenna and the family has already raised $35,000.

A Facebook page has also been created for updates.