Fort Drum Working Dog Detachment Gets Top Army Award


The 8th Military Police Working Dog Detachment was awarded the Force Comm 2012 Best Military Working Dog Detachment Award for the Army.

To get that award, soldiers had to work closely with their canine partners.

"These dogs are incredibly important. They're sent out to areas all over the world to help find explosives, to save our lives," said Private First Class Mike Arnold.

Arnold knows Janett and other military dogs have skills that are irreplaceable.

"Their noses can sense things that are 10,000 times stronger than ours," he said.

Janett is one of 15 dogs that were a part of the award-winning kennel in 2012.

The kennel was recognized this spring for training dogs in record time to handle challenging missions.

The canines accompanied their soldier friends to missions in Afghanistan, U.N functions and presidential trips in the U.S.

In order for working dogs to be certified to handle the job, soldiers need to prove they have a good relationship.

"Getting the dog to listen to your commands, not breaking away from you, staying with you, basically getting it to learn to listen to you," said Private First Class Kevin Taylor.

It's a relationship that could help out when a soldier is in a dangerous situation.

The kennel also received the award for passing its annual security inspection.

Friday, December 9, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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