After nearly 12 years of a constant presence in Afghanistan, the 10th Mountain Division has slowly been transitioning itself into the role of teacher and adviser for the Afghan national security forces.

Members of the 1st Brigade Combat Team are returning to Fort Drum, while the 3rd BCT prepares to deploy.

According to the man who commands the International Security Assistance Force, the Afghan army has gone from having no members to 350,000 soldiers.

Lieutenant General Mark Milley, who is a former 10th Mountain Division commander, said Afghan soldiers and police are now leading 90 percent of the operations against insurgents.

"They are capable at the tactical level every day, day in and day out, and they've proven it over and over and over again in this summer's fighting season, the first summer that they've really and legitimately been in the lead," said Milley.

General Milley says the enemy, in its various forms, has not been able to offer anything other than terror and that's an agenda that's being increasingly rejected by the Afghan people.

The September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on America led to the long war in Afghanistan.