Eleven years later, ceremonies were held across the country to remember the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Officials at Fort Drum, along with first responders, paid tribute to the men and women killed in those attacks, as well as those who died in the wars that followed.

After a moment of silence, a wreath was placed on a monument dedicated to the victims of the attacks.

"It just brings back memories of what those people sacrificed for their fellow man," said Captain Robert Denny of the Fort Drum fire department.

With the American flag displayed prominently, officials say ceremonies like this are a way to never forget what happened.

"I think it's a moment to reflect, to take stock in who we are and what we're about and why we are currently engaged in the war," said Maj. Gen. Mark Milley, commander of the 10th Mountain Division.

"This division and the Fort Drum community at large has paid an enormous sacrifice for the crimes that were committed against the United States of America on 9/11," Milley said.

"I would argue that we've put the enemy back on his heels over the last 11 years," Milley said. "We're not done yet, there's a lot more to do, but I think we've been very successful over the last 11 years."

The ceremony lasted about 20 minutes with dozens of people stopping by to pay their respects.