Over the weekend, 2nd Brigade Combat Team soldiers got guidance straight from the top.

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, paid a visit to Forward Operating Base Sharana in eastern Afghanistan.

Dempsey arrived on a C-130 and was greeted by 2nd BCT Commander Colonel Dennis Sullivan. 

According to a release from the 2nd BCT, the general was briefed on intelligence and operations in the area where the Fort Drum soldiers are working and training Afghan troops.

Dempsey met with soldiers.

He shook hands and posed for pictures and then the soldiers had the chance to ask him some questions. 

The general spoke about the future of the Army. 

He told the troops that the Army will shrink as the war comes to a close, but said the force will keep a "bulge in its mid-level ranks." 

Some 2nd BCT soldiers got a special honor that day.

Dempsey awarded 22 soldiers with Combat Infantryman, Combat Action and Combat Medic badges for their actions in Afghanistan. 

After a quick lunch in the dining facility, General Dempsey headed to Bagram.