It just screams Christmas at you - the arrival of the Christmas tree.

But it's a thought some soldiers might prefer not to think about.

"We're in the holiday season. These soldiers are deployed and their families are home without a spouse. And it's that time of year where it's pretty sad to be away from the family," said Dick Darling, a tree farmer.

Tree farmers and FedEx are teaming up with the Christmas Spirit Foundation to do something about that.

17,000 trees will be sent to soldiers stationed around the world, as well as their families.

700 of them are being distributed at Fort Drum

"It feels good. You do like to give back. I mean, Fort Drum does a lot for the community around here. If they weren't here, a lot of this stuff wouldn't be around here," said Scott Foss of FedEx.

But this is about more than just a Christmas tree.

It's also about morale.

"Nothing could brighten up a soldier's Christmas more than receiving a tree which already has ornaments and Christmas letters," Brigadier General Carl Alex, Deputy Commanding General - Support.

"Christmas is the season of giving. For those who give all, and to have this, where people give as well as another way to show patriotism at this time of the season, it does help morale," said Division Command Sergeant Major Rick Merritt.

The tress are sure to keep a smile on our soldiers' faces this Christmas, no matter where in the world they are.