The Boyd Street home of Sergeant Esdras Lucero and family is at last becoming liveable.

The home was in poor repair when Lucero purchased it three years ago, and efforts to repair the house were not successful. (See our earlier report here.)

"We  had broken pipes that leaked water into the basement, the far wall that faced the street was insulated with cotton balls and duct tape, the windows weren't framed's a long list," Sergeant Lucero said Saturday.

However, over the last few months, the non-profit group 'Operation Homefront,' which helps military families, and the Home Depot came forward with help folr the house.

Repairs and refurbishing are almost done; some of the finishing touches were being applied Saturday.

"We're just so glad to be here to be able to help this family get through this time to accept their four babies that are coming home shortly," said Tracy Handschuh, program director for 'Operation Homefront.'

The Luceros had quintuplets during the Christmas holiday. One child died, but four will be coming home soon.

"After almost three years of struggle, I see things that are coming together in a way that honestly could never have been imagined," Lucero said.