The Army has transferred a West Point staff member to Fort Drum while he is investigated for sexual misconduct.

Sgt. 1st Class Michael McClendon is accused of secretly photographing and videotaping women at the U.S. Military Academy, including in a bathroom.
The Military Times reports that McClendon was transferred to Fort Drum after charges were filed May 14.
McClendon is facing charges of dereliction of duty, mistreatment, entering a women's bathroom without notice, and taking and possessing inappropriate photos and videos of at least a dozen women who were naked or in various states of undress.
Some of the allegations date back to 2009.
The case is the latest in an embarrassing series of arrests and incidents of sexual misconduct across the military, and comes on the heels of a Pentagon report that estimated that as many as 26,000 service members may have been sexually assaulted last year.