We know the Army is downsizing. 

The active duty force will be cut by 80,000 people in the next few years.

Fort Drum's population will likely change.

It could shrink by as many as 8,000 soldiers, or it could gain up to 3,000 troops.

As the Department of Defense makes those big decisions, the north country has a chance to make its case.

Fort Drum Commander Major General Stephen Townsend will host a listening session at Case Middle School in Watertown next week. 

Community members are invited to come talk about how Fort Drum impacts lives and the economy in the north country.

"It is the CG Major General Townsend coming in to the community and listening to the community talk about what Fort Drum means to them," said Carl McLaughlin of the Fort Drum Regional Liaison Organization.

The listening session is one of 29 taking place across the country. 

The Department of Defense is trying to get an idea of how downsizing the Army will affect military towns. 

What's said at the north country listening session is expected to help shape the decision to either grow or shrink Fort Drum.

"This message is going to go back and be part of the decision making process," said McLaughlin.

The listening session is scheduled for April 25 at 5 p.m. at Case Middle School in Watertown.

The Army downsizing is expected to be complete in 2017. 

It's unclear when any decision regarding Fort Drum will be made.