Seventeen people have been arrested in what police are calling "Operation Arbor Day 'Round Up.'"

According to Chris Cuppernell of the Metro-Jeff Drug Task Force, the arrests are part of a "drug sweep."

The task force, Jefferson County Sheriff's and Watertown City Police departments have been arresting suspects over the past several days.

The arrests are based on sealed indictments issued by a Jefferson County grand jury.

It's unknown exactly what charges the suspects face.

They're expected to be arraigned in county court, which is where the nature of the charges will be made public.

Officials said the following people have been arrested:

- Jennifer Gault, age 25, 414 South Massey Street, Apartment 1, Watertown
- Rhonda Thomas, age 32, 407 Fairview Street, Watertown
- Joseph Nelson, age 23, 32649 County Route 194, Theresa
- Michaele Reid, age 25, 194 Cedar Street, Watertown
- Norman Logan, age 32, 194 Cedar Street, Watertown
- Doreen Slocum, age 26, Bailey Settlement Road, Alexandria Bay
- Desiree Smith, age 22, 327 Walker Avenue, Apartment C, Watertown
- Courtney Tanner, age 19, 1144 Gill Street, Watertown
- Thomas Rosen Jr., age 26, 548 Mill Street, Apartment 1, Watertown
- Susan Monroe, age 54, 1005 Bronson Street, Watertown
- Eric Bartholomew, age 26, 505 Arsenal Street, Apartment 4, Watertown
- Jeffery McCreery, age 37, 39416 Route 126, Carthage
- Richard Woodard, age 31, 24264 Route 11, Calcium
- Brian Morenz, age 32, 130 Court Street, Apartment 806, Watertown
- Devin Daniels, age 24, Baltimore, Maryland
- Anthony Thompson, age 22, 615 Academy Street

The suspects were being held at the county Public Safety Building as of Thursday evening.