There are two Watertown City Council seats and four candidates.

The race to Election Day features familiar faces and some new ones.

Incumbents Teresa Macaluso and Jeff Smith are running for reelection.

Councilman Smith was unavailable for comment Friday.

For Councilwoman Macaluso, it's a chance to continue working for the community.

"When I first went into this, I had these grandiose ideas of how I could set the world on fire. And what I realized is it's more important for me to do the day-to-day things to help the community," said Macaluso.

Helping the community is a reason newcomer-to-politics Cody Horbacz is drawn to one of the seats.

Horbacz says a focus of his will be on revitalizing neighborhoods.

"This is a social issue. This is about children growing up in this neighborhood and this is what they see. It just gives you the sense that nobody cares," said Horbacz.

Candidate Jasmine Borreggine, also new to politics, has been outspoken against fluoride in city water.

But she says that's just one focus of her campaign.

"They shouldn't be putting things into our water to treat us, not in the water without our consent. As well, they shouldn't be telling us where we can walk our dogs, what kind of vegetation we can plant in our front yard," said Borreggine.

So which of the four candidates will get to sit on the council?

That's something that will be decided in November.