Cue that predictable line about burning some calories before that carb-laden Thanksgiving dinner.

It was YMCA's annual Turkey Day Run in Watertown.

This year was the Y's biggest, with a turnout of 1,600.

The run has been going on for 29 years and is slowly growing each year.

"A lot of people come home to see their friends and spend some family time, quality time, and they do it right here at the race," said Steve Rowell, Watertown YMCA Director of Operations.

It's a diverse group of runners, from families to serious athletes. And everyone has their own way of getting ready for the starting gun.

"I wanna get my blood flowing," said runner Alex Larmey, who was doing sit-ups to warm up before the race. "It's cold out here, but I plan on running with my shirt off."

"Because any opportunity I can get to take my shirt off, I'm gonna do it," he added.

As for the winners this year, the top two finishers were both Beaver River alumni and Division II athletes.

Matt Cheney finished first at 16:09 and Logan Kempney was second at 16:10.

"We're kind of a little outta shape right now. The season just got over, took some time off, but it was a nice, fun run," Cheney said.

All proceeds go to the YMCA. After the race, most runners will give thanks for family, friends and food.

And some are just thankful the run is over.