Black Bear In Potsdam?

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Is a black bear roaming around the village of Potsdam?

Police are giving folks a heads-up that it's very possible.

There hasn't been a sighting, but the state Department of Environmental Conservation told police that it has confirmed evidence of black bear feces at a residence on Leroy Street.

Police say this is the time of year when bears are looking for food and often times will enter a populated area in their search. 

The DEC has some tips to discourage bears from leaving the wild: this behavior.

- Never feed bears. It is illegal.

- If you believe that bears are being fed, please report it to DEC.

- Stop feeding birds as soon as the snow melts. Birds do not need supplemental food in the summer, when natural foods are most abundant.

- Clean up all seed fragments and shells left over from winter feeding as the smell will attract bears.

- Dispose of garbage as frequently as possible and store in a secure building prior to disposal.

- If garbage is picked up at the curb, put the garbage out just before the scheduled pickup or place it in a roadside bear-resistant container. Do not put garbage out the night before pick-up at the curb.

- Clean garbage cans frequently with ammonia.

- Do not burn garbage, it's illegal and it attracts bears.

- Do not add meat scraps, bones or melon rinds to your compost pile.

- Clean up barbecue grills before night fall, and after they cool down store them inside.

- Feed pets indoors and store pet food indoors. If pets must be fed outdoors, take in all uneaten food and dishes before dark.

- Turn off kitchen exhaust fans that vent to the outside whenever possible.

- When camping, keep food out of sight and secured in the trunk of a hard topped, locked vehicle if one is available. If a vehicle is not available, hang food and garbage from a tree at least eight feet off the ground. Keep picnic tables, utensils, fireplaces and the surrounding areas clean.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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