A 5 year old boy was declared dead around 8:30 p.m. Saturday after being pulled from the Black River at the Glen Park dam.

A search for a 47 year old adult who was also was in the water is being suspended until Sunday morning.

The two were fishing in the Black River across from Maggie's On The River in Watertown.

The boy fell in and the man jumped in after him
Rescue crews and police lined the cold and quick-flowing Black River looking for the boy and the man.
The boy was found two miles downriver near the hydro power racks in the village of Glen Park.
Rescue divers pulled the boy out of the water about an hour after he fell in and a medical examiner pronounced him dead shortly after.
The dive team continued searching for the man, but called off the investigation at about 9 p.m.
Officials say they don't expect the man made it as far downriver as the boy.

Watertown police Lt. Frank Derrigo said "the dive team located the child in the racks."
"The adult is still missing," he said, "so they'll be looking for him tomorrow morning."
The names of the boy and the man aren't being released until the families are notified.
Derrigo says they hope to find the man's body when the search picks back up Sunday,