It's the quiet before the storm.

Temperatures in the 40s meant the melting of ugly snow piles.

It came just in time for another blanket of snow.

North country residents want to know - haven't we dealt with enough?

"Well, my boyfriend crashed his truck about a week ago because of the snow," said Sierra Weston of Carthage.

"Myself and a few friends from my church were driving to JFK on a night that happened to be a very snowy night. So instead of it taking us 6 hours, it took us about 9 hours," said Janelle Gmitter of Dexter.

Snow plows in the city of Watertown have been breaking down from time to time too, but crews have been busy fixing them up.

And you can add plow operators to the list of those ready for spring.

"There were some tired people through the month of February and January, but they've had a chance to get re-charged up and once it snows tomorrow or tonight, we're ready to go," said Pete Monaco, assistant superintendent of the Watertown Department of Public Works.

If you're still in need of some winter supplies to get you through this week's storm, you might find yourself out of luck.

There are only a dozen shovels left at Noble Ace Hardware in Watertown.

"Sold a few shovels this morning actually too, so generally by the middle of February you're making the transition to put out the spring stuff," said Pat Marino, store manager.

A winter storm warning for Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence counties starts at 8 a.m. Wednesday and lasts through 8 a.m. Thursday.