Police Reports Describe Bloody Murder Scene


Watertown police describe a bloody scene in their reports about Sunday night's stabbing death in a downtown apartment.

7 News obtained the court documents following Wednesday's arraignment of of 31 year old Breanna Simpson, who was arrested the night before on second-degree murder charges.

According to the reports, police found the lifeless body of 34 year old Henry Perkins Jr. on the bedroom floor of Apartment 202, 117 JB Wise Place.

Police describe seeing a three-inch cut or stab wound to the right side of Perkins' chest.

They also reported seeing blood on the hallway floor and walls.

"There was a bloody shower curtain on the bathroom floor and there were several towels at various places in the apartment...I noticed there were areas in the bathroom and hallway where it looked as if someone tried to clean blood off the walls, tub and floors," reads a report from Officer Jacob Bull of the Watertown Police Department.

Another member of the police department spoke with Simpson following the incident.

Officer Joshua Moran said Simpson appeared upset and intoxicated.

"I did see that she had some blood on her thighs that appeared to be wiped off," his report reads.  "I could also see that Simpson had various bruises and cuts all over her hands, arms and legs."

Officer Moran also spoke with Charles McIntyre, who was identified in the reports as someone who previously dated Simpson and who called 911 to report the stabbing.

According to Moran's report, McIntyre had called Simpson to check on her.

McIntyre told Moran that Simpson sounded upset and said she needed band aids because she had cut her knee.

When McIntyre arrived at Simpson's apartment, he told police "there was blood everywhere."

"He stated that he asked her what happened. He states that Breanna told him that Junior (Henry Perkins) was in the bedroom and she didn't know what was wrong. He stated that Breanna tried to open the bedroom door but she couldn't get it open," Officer Moran's report reads.

According to the report, McIntyre tried to call 911, but Simpson told him not to and tried to take away his phone.

In another report from Officer Charles Bickel, "McIntyre stated he went to the bedroom with Simpson and she opened the door. McIntyre stated when Simpson opened the door, she had to push Perkins out of the way with the door, as he was laying right behind and against it. McIntyre stated Simpson kept repeating, 'I didn't do it.'"

"McIntyre stated Simpson did not tell him what had happened to Perkins and he did not see what had happened as it had happened prior to his arrival," said Bickel's report.

In Officer Moran's report, Simpson kept asking if Junior (Perkins) was okay before accusing her friend of hurting Perkins.

She "mentioned that Charles (McIntyre) had done this and threatened to kill Junior," the report states.

In a report from Officer James Spencer, Simpson "just kept asking McIntyre what happened in the apartment. McIntyre told her that she knew what happened."

According to police reports, McIntyre placed two calls to 911.

Conspicuously absent from the police reports were any mention of the weapon used during the stabbing.

Simpson has a history of violence.

Court documents confirm that Simpson stabbed Perkins with a kitchen knife on September 4, 2012 during a domestic dispute.

The incident happened at 619 Bronson Street.

Perkins suffered a superficial wound to the right side of his back.

Simpson was charged with assault and criminal possession of a weapon, and was ultimately sentenced to three years' probation and community service.

Simpson is being held without bail in connection with the latest stabbing.


Saturday, December 3, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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