Jefferson County Sheriff John Burns says he's demonstrated his leadership in the 10 years he's been sheriff.

He was countering comments from county officials who say they've giving Burns time to sort things out in his department and "show some leadership."

"I think it's been 10 years that I've been sheriff and it's only been recently that we've had these unfortunate incidents  that have occurred," he said in a live interview Thursday on 7 News This Morning.

"I think I've shown leadership throughout the last 10 years,"

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The sheriff's department has been under fire recently for what Burns called "dumb things" members of his department have done.

And Burns said he's disappointed.

"These are people who are supposed to be outstanding people in law enforcement," he said.

In the past year:

- A nurse at the county jail resigned after she admitted to improperly accessing someone's medical records.

- The county faces a lawsuit filed by Deputy Krystal Rice that focuses on photos that were allegedly taken for a pedophilia sting. 

- Jefferson County Undersheriff Andy Neff is on administrative leave following accusations he sexually harassed an Adams Center woman.

- Burns suspended one of his deputies for having an open alcoholic beverage container in his car. Another deputy is also facing discipline in that case.

Some county lawmakers are calling for an independent investigation of the sheriff's department.

Burns said he would welcome any outside investigation.