With primary season now over, Watertown city council candidates Teresa Macaluso, Jeff Smith, Stephen Jennings and Cody Horbacz will set their sights on the general election in November.

The advancing candidates say they're thankful to voters and are looking forward to the rest of the campaign.

"You never know, in terms of elections and primaries," Smith said. "I'm grateful to the voters -- I'm humbled and thankful."

"We're very excited," Horbacz said. "I mean, it's great. All we ask for is to take it to that next step."

"Very happy and very glad to be moving on to November," Jenning said. "A lot of work ahead to get our message out."

The fourth advancing candidate, Teresa Macaluso, was in Syracuse Tuesday night attending to a family matter.

She told 7 News she's also anxious to move on and excited to focus on the general election.

The top two vote-getters in November will sit on the council.