Congressman Finds One Million Ways to Help


By WWNY Staff

Sgt. Major Mitchell Duvall wanted to dump thousands of dollars into the local economy, but didn't expect the Internal Revenue Service to stand in his way.

The federal government promised a $7,200 tax credit to the soon-to-be retiree for purchasing his first house. The IRS put him on hold for months, however, because Duvall said they found it suspect that he and his wife, Kate, asked for the refund to go to a different address than their home.

"It just annoyed me," the Turin resident said Friday. "It wasn't money we were throwing in our own pockets. It was immediately going out to contracts and the community. All locals were working on our house. The purpose of this great tax credit - we fit the bill."

Duvall, stressed about a pending deployment to Afghanistan with the issue still unresolved, called Rep. Bill Owens' office to see if the congressman would intervene.

Duvall said Owens' team offered to help without building up false expectations. In less than four weeks, the new homeowner said the IRS sent him a check for $7,200 plus about four months interest.

Duvall was just one of Owens' first-year success stories. The congressman announced this week that he helped get $1.097 million for those who sought his help cutting through the red tape during his first term.

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Monday, December 5, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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