Councilwoman Says it's Time to Kill Crows


Watertown has been dealing with crows for years. It has hired a contractor to scare them away, but city councilwoman Roxanne Burns says it isn't working and now it's time to start shooting.

"And perhaps have a crow shoot, they do that in towns. They do that in Auburn, there are people that shoot them and that is a way to keep the population down," said Burns.

Burns hasn't figured out all the details of her plan yet, but she says she would like to collaborate with gun clubs to figure out a good place for the birds to be scared to and then hunted. She says the birds roust here at night, near her home in Mullin street and now she wants them gone.

"Just the simple things of when you're walking down your way and you're flying overhead you just never really know when they're going to splat next," said Burns.

Burns says contractor, Loomacres Wildlife, can also ask the city for permission to kill the birds with pellet guns. In the past, city council member Teresa Macaluso has been opposed to lethal measures but now she says she is willing to look into it if it will get the job done.

"I'd like to see where they've done that in other areas, where they've tried hazing the way that we're doing it and then they've gone to lethal methods and it's been more effective," said Macaluso

And effectiveness is what Burns wants. She says the city spends thousands of dollars trying to fix the problem and now she wants a resolution.
Tuesday, December 6, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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