Crowd Urges SLC Lawmakers To Oppose NY SAFE Act


It was standing room only in the St. Lawrence County courthouse to see the finance committee of the legislature work out a resolution that voices the county's disapproval of New York's new gun laws.

The resolution criticizes the quick manner the law -- known as the NY SAFE Act -- was put through and questions the ability of the government to make certain restrictions on gun ownership.

More than 30 spoke, all of them in favor of the resolution and against the new law.

"The law itself, the attack on our second amendment rights and the method by which it was passed is exactly the type of tyranny that our founding fathers enacted the Bill of Rights to stop," Dan Scamberley said.

In addition,  there were direct shots taken at several politicians who support the law.

"We are voters," Lawrence Kring said.

"We're making a list of the legislators that vote against this -- Addie Russell's on the top of the list -- anybody else who's not with us goes on the list," Kring said.

"We're going to do everything we can in our power to see that the legislators who vote against us are out of office."

There's no doubting the vigor of the crowd, but the big question is what happens if the full board passes the resolution next Monday? What will it accomplish?

"The whole point is to show that we care what you do in Albany, folks," said legislator Joe Lightfoot, "and that there might be consequences to what you do in Albany."

The resolution will be sent to a host of state legislators, but for the NY SAFE Act to be changed, it would have to get through the governor and a downstate-dominated legislature.

Monday, December 5, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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