Cuomo's Approval Rating Climbs


Almost immediately after Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed New York's SAFE Act into law in January, rallies popped up across the state.

People were angry over the new strict gun laws and angry with the governor.

"We saw the governor take a significant hit in his popularity -- his favorability rating, his job performance rating, the reelect number," said Steven Greenberg of the Siena College Institute.

But what a difference seven months can make.

According to a Siena College Institute poll, 65 percent approve of the job the governor is doing.

And how did Governor Cuomo fair with "upstaters?" Fifty-five percent approve of the job he's doing, up 9 percent since just two months ago.

The poll might not accurately reflect the opinions of people in the north country. Everything above the suburbs of New York City is considered upstate.

"Down as far as Sullivan County, which, again, I assume many of your viewers would consider downstate," Greenberg said.

But there is no debating, more residents across the state are happy with the job Cuomo's doing.

Greenberg said it might have to do with the time of year.

"The legislature is out of town now, the governor controls the agenda, completely," Greenberg said. "He's been traveling, he spent time in the Adirondacks, he spent time in the north country."

We'll have to wait and see of the governor can maintain the high ratings once the Legislature is back in Albany.

Another interesting note out of the poll:

Most -- 80 percent -- disapprove of troubled New York City politician Anthony Wiener.
Saturday, December 3, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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