Deferiet Still Asking Water-Users To Conserve


Deferiet Mayor Robert Foster says it could be Wednesday before the village's water supply is back to normal.

Residents are being asked to conserve water after the pump on the back-up well stopped working while the pump on the primary water supply was being replaced.

Officials say water was being pumped at roughly half speed Monday morning.

Following is our story from Saturday:

It was a chaotic morning for officials in the village of Deferiet.

"It was pretty bad for a little while and we just needed to make sure that everyone was not watering their lawns, using up all the water," said Village Deputy Clerk Sara Titus.

That's because both of the village's water wells, which supply its residents' water, were not working.

The first well was offline already, being updated. Well number two, the village's main supply, went down overnight.

"It stopped working, village water pressure dropped, which means the tank is emptying. And there was no way to fill that tank," said Deferiet Mayor Robert Foster.

Village officials used any means necessary to get the word out to warn residents.

"We took the fire truck around and announced it to all the residents, and flyers door to door," Titus said.

A temporary fix is in place at this point. Officials say the main water well is still out, but the one being updated is now working - kind of.

"They made it operational for us. It's not 100 percent mode and we have no back up still," Foster said.

And that's why officials want residents to conserve water until further notice.

"I'm just asking for them to use it (water) wisely. You know, today, this weekend, probably isn't the best time to wash your car, fill your pool, water your lawn. That's not what you should be doing today," Foster said

Mayor Foster tells 7 News he hopes everything will be back to normal on Monday, although it could take until Wednesday at the latest.

Thursday, December 8, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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