Remember the deal that had the business "Savory" handle food and drink concessions at 1000 Islands Privateers games in Watertown?

Well, it might not be a deal after all.

A special meeting of the city council has been called for Monday night to discuss, among other things, the concessions.

Lawmakers voted January 28 on a deal that would have the business "Savory" handle all food and drink concessions at Privateers games.

The move, it was believed, would put the city in compliance with the state Liquor Authority. 

However, the authority sent an email to Savory, which indicates that the state wants the city and Savory to go back to the original way of doing things.

Before, Savory only sold alcoholic beverages at the hockey games, while the city sold food and non-alcoholic drinks. 

The deal had Savory paying the Privateers for the rights to sell food at each hockey game.

The team will then turn around and give the city about $300 per game in compensation.

The city would still sell the concessions for all other events at the ice arena.

But, according to a February 7 email from state Liquor Authority Public Affairs Officer Michael Smith, the agency's Permit Unit will be issuing one-day permits allowing beer and wine to be sold for the remainder of the Privateers' hockey season.

"Savory Catering will be granted the privilege of providing alcohol to those over the age of 21 and making sure those patrons are not over served. In addition to this, the City of Watertown is authorized to provide food and non alcoholic beverages," the email reads.

Mayor Jeff Graham said lawmakers will discuss this issue on Monday.

See meeting agenda