After days of constant sub-zero temperatures, the financial toll is starting to weigh on people.

"Generally if you look at it in terms of how we come about to generate electricity, there is a direct correlation with natural gas," said Virginia Limmiatis of National Grid.

Natural gas prices have been on the increase - a 65 percent jump between November and December alone.

They're expected to be higher this month.

It means your electric bill will be higher too.

With temperatures around zero, demand for the electricity and gas is high.

Propane companies across the north country, including Suburban Propane tell us drivers are busy as demand continues to drive prices up.

Low income families should be able to come the Community Action Planning Council as a last resort to help pay the heating bills thanks to a $50,000 federal grant the county has received.


"We've received the notice of award through a letter, but we haven't received the funds to date," said Melinda Gault of CAPC.

There’s no word on when the funds might come in - leaving some of the most vulnerable exposed smack dab in the middle of winter.