The district website lays out General Brown's desperate situation:  continued cuts in state aid, rising expenses and a budget gap approaching $2 million. 

Superintendent Steve Vigliotti says this means "significant" layoffs for next year but he will not give a number. 

But others with knowledge of the situation do have a number.

They say it's 36 - the number of jobs that are being cut.

Those affected have been notified this week they won't have jobs next year.

That is, unless something changes, like a lot more school aid.

Assemblywoman Addie Russell (D. - 116th District) says some more aid may be coming.

But, just how much is not yet known.

"We may make a dent in what they need but it's still going to be a difficult time for them," said Russell.

It's unclear how many of the cuts involve teachers versus other staff.

But the president of the General Brown teachers' union says the cuts are real and devastating. 

The district website even warns of financial insolvency. 

Could a school district really go belly up?

"We may find that out this year. And if it's not one of our districts, it will probably be one somewhere else," said Jeff-Lewis BOCES Superintendent Jay Boak.

Look for a gloomy session of the school board Monday night, when the cuts are sure to be discussed.

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