If you own a firearm and it's classified as an assault weapon, you have until the end of Tuesday to register your gun - or face potential criminal charges.

It's all part of the NY SAFE Act.

If don't register your assault weapon and you're caught with it, you could be charged with at least a misdemeanor and your gun could be taken from you.

"If you're stopped for a vehicle violation and a weapon is in plain view, you're certainly going to be asked about it...We're going to enforce the SAFE Act law," said Jefferson County Sheriff John Burns.

Lewis County Sheriff Mike Carpinelli has been vocal about his opposition to the NY SAFE Act.

He has led at least a dozen meetings calling for repeal of the NY SAFE Act.

"I'm not happy with it," he said. "We're going to take it to the courts and we'll do the best we can there."

However, Carpinelli is not saying definitively whether he will or whether he won't enforce the controversial law, which includes the assault weapon registration.

"It's the law. In my eyes, it's still an unconstitutional law and we'll deal with it the best we can...which means I'll follow the United States Constitution," he said.

7 News reached out to St. Lawrence County Sheriff Kevin Wells, but we were unable to reach him for comment.

Register your assault weapon

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