The crudely-made 'posters' read, "Elect Jake Reed To Be Canada's First Half Blood Supreme Commander."

One caricature features Jake's photo pasted on a muscular man's body. 

The other shows a cap pasted on Jake's head; the cap reads "Alberta".

Both posters say the campaign is "Paid for by Friends to Deport Jake Reed from America."

The Carthage Central School District says the posters are a lesson in political cartoons.

But to Jake's mother, Sabrina Smith, the lesson is just wrong.

"These special education teachers are supposed to be there for my child and this is a boundary that they crossed," she said.

Sabrina's 17 year old son takes alternative education courses at Carthage School District building in Great Bend.

In January, he came home upset over these cartoons.

In fact, there was another poster that upset Jake so much that he destroyed it.

"That one was of a North Korean, shooting at the Capitol Building, and my son's face was on the North Korean," said Sabrina.

Jake's parents say the posters were made by his two special education teachers.

The parents say their son has been withdrawn and acting strangely ever since.

"He has been pulling his hair out and eating it," said Sabrina.

Carthage High School Principal Joseph Sedita says the cartoons were intended to build the boy up as a leader and were grossly misunderstood. 

He also said the posters were used to teach students about political cartoons. 

Sabrina disagrees.

"My son said that's not what they were learning at the time,"  she said.

7 News asked Sedita if the cartoons were appropriate?

He declined comment on that, but says the boy and the parents did get an apology.

The district also won't say whether the two teachers were disciplined.

While the parents have told us the names of the teachers, the district won't confirm them, so we're not passing them along, for now.

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