Feedback: Fowl Deeds In Rodman - Rare Geese 'Birdnapped'


When 10 geese -- some a rare breed -- didn't show for bedtime at Two Chicks Farm Alpacas in Rodman, everyone knew something was up.

"Routine every night is to put the geese to bed about five o'clock," said co-owner Mary Dealing.

"They're very well trained, they know when it's bedtime," she said. "They gather at the barn door, they just won't go to bed until we tell them."

"Last night was the first time in over two years that they weren't waiting to go to bed," she said.

Dealing says someone who almost certainly visited the farm in the past took the geese -- and in broad daylight.

"Folks do ask how much livestock is worth and we tell them," she said.

"And it makes you feel bad to think that," she said.

"You love people to come to the farm and you hope nobody is taking notes."

But there is a happy ending, by Friday morning the birdnapper had returned the geese, with nary a feather ruffled.

Dealing says the reason the geese are back on the farm is because of Facebook and the power of social media.

Dealing took to the internet and posted a plea for everyone to be on the lookout for the missing geese.

"By midnight last night, I was just astounded at how many comments we'd had," she said, "how many times it had been shared, how many people had seen it."

Did word spread to the birdnapper through Facebook? It's possible.

Meanwhile, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office is investigating --  trying to determine if this was a case of fowl play.

Thursday, December 8, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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