It's quiet at the gun range.  

The vice president of the Watertown Sportsmen Club says he knows why. 

"There isn't a store in Watertown that has the common ammo - .22, .223, 5.56, 7x62. Everybody's out of it," said Bill Scott, first VP of the Watertown Sportsmen Club.  

Shooters say new gun laws and a huge buy of ammunition by the federal government have sparked a run on ammo. 

Shooters are stocking up when and where they can.   

The shortage even includes the tiny .22, not exactly a primary self defense or assault round. 

"This is ridiculous. I've never seen an ammo shortage like this," said Scott.

We checked out four big box stores in Watertown that sell ammunition. 

All of them had dwindling supplies and none of them had the most common round, the .22 caliber long rifle bullet.

One shopper at Gander Mountain got lucky with a couple of boxes.  

If he wants more, the next shipment is Wednesday.

"The lady in the store told me 40 people on Wednesday will be in to get a number to try to get in line to try to buy ammo from the shipment and then it'll be gone," said shopper Dave Brennan.  

When will the shortage end? 

Maybe when manufacturers catch up, the government gets all it wants and when gun owners feel a little more secure. 

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