Last month, 83 year old Morris Rosenfeld was at home in Chaumont recovering from a heart procedure when he began to have chest pain.

He called 911 and medical professionals had him air lifted to a hospital in Syracuse. 

As it turns out, Rosenfeld was okay.

But a few weeks later, he got a statement from the medical ambulance company. 

The cost of the flight was $39,244.89 to be exact.

"I don't have $40,000," Rosenfeld said tearfully.  "I don't have that kind of money and no way to get it either."

Now, Rosenfeld is waiting to find out how much of his expensive trip will be covered by insurance.

"I don't know. I can't pay that," he said.

Air Methods is the company which provides medical ambulance service in the north country. 

A company spokesman says Rosenfeld's bill is a pretty typical rate.

Craig Yale says it covers the cost of a multi-million dollar aircraft and pays for a highly-trained staff including a pilot, mechanic and nurses - all of whom are ready to go at a moment's notice.

"A tremendous amount of that cost is actually the cost of availability that's really involved," said Yale, who is Air Methods' vice president of Corporate Development.

The good news is - Yale says insurance typically covers a large portion of the bill.

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