Feedback: Making Dollars And Sense Out Of Sequestration


The cuts - $85 billion - begin Friday.

That's unless somebody backs down in Washington.

Our Congressman says that's not likely.

"There is no indication that there is any serious conversation going on," said Congressman Bill Owens (D. - 21st District).

If the cuts begin, several schools would immediately feel the pain. 

Indian River, Watertown and Carthage all get what's called Federal Impact Aid.

Cuts to that would start right away.

Indian River would be hardest hit, losing almost $1 million.

But district officials saw this coming a long time ago and didn't put the money in their budget.

And there could be more cuts to come, for example, in school lunches.

"Federal lunch programs, it could be Title I programs, which support remedial education, remedial reading or remedial mathematics," said Jefferson-Lewis BOCES Superintendent Jay Boak.

Much of the civilian workforce at Fort Drum will be put on one day a week furloughs probably starting in April.

The military has already warned that could leave troops unprepared.

"If there is a furlough that's going to go into effect, obviously that's going to have an impact on the ability to perform the mission," said Owens.

Would border enforcement be cut?

In an email, Homeland Security officials said they can't, or won't tell us.

But out on the street, is fiscal crisis fatigue setting in and do most folks care?

"No, because it's a joke. They've got millions, trillions of dollars," said Ray Dorr of Watertown.

"It's a worry for everyone and I wish they would just get together," said JoAnn Coursen of Watertown.

"The only thing I can see happening short term is a 'kick the can down the road,'" said Owens. 

President Obama and Congressional leaders are set to meet just about when the deadline hits. 

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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