Earlier this year, two Civil War sailors were laid to rest. 

The remains were recovered with a piece of the USS Monitor, the Navy's first ironclad warship. 

In Watertown, Darrell Littlefield Jr. never dreamed he might have a family connection.  

"I knew about the ironclads. Of course all kids in school had to know that stuff," said Darrell.

A letter says the Navy thinks Darrell Littlefield may be related to George Littlefield, a 25 year old coal shoveler who went down with the Monitor in 1862. 

Darrell himself isn't so sure.

"I don't know. That would be a tough guess, you know, really," he said.

Darrell provided the Navy a DNA sample.

It did not match either of the two recovered sets of remains. 

But George Littlefield could have been among 14 others who went down with the ship.

Their remains have not been recovered. 

Local historian and genealogist Gary Rhodes has looked into the Littlfield family tree. 

"It looks pretty good that George Littlefield of the Monitor is related to the Ellisburg Littlefields, and that would include Darrell," said Rhodes.

Recently, Darrell got more mysterious mail from Washington - a Christmas card.

"And when you open it up, there's the White House. It's got Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, their two daughters and the dogs, all signed," said Darrell.

Darrell says he has never donated or written to the White House. 

Did his connection to the Monitor put him on the White House Christmas card list?

It's two mysteries wrapped up in one.

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