Feedback: Pit Bulls And The Law


Last Saturday morning in Watertown, a loose pit bull burst in the door and attacked Brian King's small dog.

King was forced to stab the pit bull to death with a steak knife.

"I think we do have a problem with pit bulls," said King.

After two other reported attacks by pit bulls in recent days, King has some company.

Chuck Ruggiero lost a cat to a pit bull attack four years ago.

"I would say that we need some measure of increased protection for the public by placing special requirements on the owners of this breed of dog," said Ruggiero.

But if the city plans any increased dog control measures, it appears a ban on pit bulls is not an option.

A state law prohibits local governments from adopting breed-specific dog regulations.

Pit bull owner Charles Berkman says it would be unfair anyway.

"The millions and millions of people around the world who own this breed are responsible people," said Berkman.

He and many others say pit bulls are no more dangerous than other dogs, unless they're trained to be. 

What everyone seems to agree on is better enforcement of city leash laws.

"There's a responsibility of the owner in these cases and that's what needs to be enforced," said Berkman.

The topics of pit bulls and leash laws are likely to come up before lawmakers at the next regular city council meeting April 2.


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Tuesday, December 6, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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