Feedback: Theresa Couple Celebrates 72 Years Of Marriage


They were smiling on April 25, 1942, and 72 years later, they're still smiling and still in love.

Cliff and Lorena Smith chose their wedding date because it was the end of muskrat trapping season and the winter ice harvest had left Cliff with honeymoon money in his pocket.

"So that's all the money we had when we took off - what I got out of the mushrats (spelling is correct) and the ice house," said Cliff.

The wedding was in a church parsonage in nearby Philadelphia.

Lorena's mom wasn't so sure about the 18 year old bride.

"Well, I think she probably wished I wouldn't get married so young," said Lorena.

But years together on the farm helped forge a lasting marriage.

"You're together. You're in the barn together. You're milking the cows together. You're shoveling that stuff that comes behind them," said Cliff.

Cliff, who's 92, was born in a stone house in Theresa just around the corner from where he currently lives.

"My mother was born in that room there. My grandfather was born there,"  said Cliff.

And the marriage has been as solid as the stones in his ancestral home.

"You have to share. Sharing is the big thing," said Lorena.

"You have to bend and give," said Cliff.

Here's to years more of sharing and giving between Cliff and Lorena.

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