The new owner of the rear portion of Watertown's Empsall Plaza says the mural on the side is an eyesore and says its days are numbered.

When Vina Bonner first saw the three-story mural, all she saw was orange.

"It's an eyesore to me, so I think we can do something better to represent Public Square and the downtown area,"  said Bonner.

The bottom third of the mural depicts two soldiers, a peace sign and American flag along a tree-lined river. 

The rest of the mural shows a bright orange, black and yellow sky.

Bonner, a Fort Drum soldier, likes the message, but says most people on Public Square can only see the sky portion of the mural.

"I really want to take this out. It's open to suggestions," she said.

When the mural was painted by artist Jason E. Brown in 2009, it was met with plenty of criticism due to its bright colors.

However, 7 News asked some folks around Public Square what they think of the mural and the plans to remove it.

"It has a good message and everything, but it definitely needs some love," said James Caito of Auburn.

"It actually says a lot about the Watertown support of...the military community. I think it would be pretty sad if they took it down," said Chief Warrant Officer 2 Sabrina Cady of Fort Drum.

"I like nostalgia so I'm always for leaving things the way they are," said Kerry Lehman of Sacket Harbor.

Bonner, who bought the property in January, is considering having a contest to decide what to do with the wall and hopes to have the mural gone by summer.

In the meantime, she's working to start a new business inside the building - she plans to open a child fun center called Fun Xcape this fall.

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