WHS Grads Live Near Search For Bombing Suspect


A former north country resident who lives near Watertown, Massachusetts says she isn't leaving her apartment while authorities are in the midst of tracking down a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings.

Caroline Sprague is a Watertown (N.Y.) High School graduate and is now a graduate student at Boston College.
She lives about three miles from where police are searching for bombing suspect 19 year old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.
Sprague says she can hear sirens from where she's holed up in her apartment.
Sprague said she was watching the marathon about two miles from where the bombs went off near the finish line.
Two of her classmates were injured in the blast.
"They're alive and they have all their limbs and (we'll all) just try to figure out ways we can help them as they recover," she said, "which will be quite a process."
Daily life was just starting to get back to normal before the events that started Thursday night.
She and her friends went out to dinner Thursday, only to return home to the coverage.
"We got home about 9 o'clock and turned on the news and found out there was a shooter on MIT's campus," she said.
"Since then we haven't been able to turn off the news." 
She says the last week hasn't been anything like the Boston she knows.
"There's a real sense of community here and it just, it seems impossible that this is happening in a place where we live." 
Sprague says despite the bad events, she is comforted by everyone coming together to help.
We also spoke with another Watertown High School graduate who lives near all the action.
Eric Zabriskie is a student at Harvard.

He works at a nearby hospital.

"When I drove to work, especially since this guy, I think he's carjacked twice now, maybe? This is Boston, the streets here are like notoriously congested...it's a ghost town," said Eric Zabriskie.
Thursday, December 8, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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