Health Dept. To Study North Side Pollution Effects


Carol Molinari says she wants answers.

Molinari, now an Ogdensburg resident, says two of her kids were born with a rare skull deformity when they were living on Davidson Street in Watertown, which is close to New York Air Brake (NYAB).

"The first one, it was supposed to be -- quote -- a fluke that I had one that had this, it's called craniosysnostosis," Molinari said. 

"Then I had my third child, he had it. At the same time I had my third child, my neighbor that lived a house away had a baby 10 days before me, I think, and he was born with the same thing."

Molinari is one of many people who have complained of health problems as a result of chemicals deposited by NYAB decades ago.

The New York State Department of Health held a public meeting at North Elementary School Tuesday night to outline a study the department is planning.

Department officials said they would like to compare the amount of cancer cases, birth defects and other health problems in areas near New York Air Brake compared to other areas of New York.

James Bowers said his department would "look at the diagnoses that occurred within the study area and compare those to what we would have expected given the rates that we see in the rest of New York state."

Health officials said they would look at cases as far back as 1980.

There were mixed reviews as to whether that was far enough.

"I guess this has been an ongoing problem that goes back at least into the '50s that we know of," said Jim Barker, who attended the meeting.

"But, yet, the Health Department might only have digitalized records that go back to 1980," Barker said.

"I'm glad that we were able to have some input on the years to go back on the study," Molinari said.

Department officials said there were some things they could not look into, such as cases of autism.

While many people expressed concerns, Molinari says she is happy that research is being done.
Sunday, December 11, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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